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Default Re: My fellow Americans,

Originally Posted by MetsPackers
Anyone you thinks china will surpass the US within the next 10 years is a complete fool. Unless, you completely base your arguement on arbitrary statistics like 'economic growth'

China is still lightyears behind the us in terns of simplete things like providing for their people, building a stable housing market, etc. All the china whistleblowersjust have some anti US agenda

10 years, no of course not.

20 years, things get more conceivable.

China is serious right now, mate. While the pansy crowd in the USA is trying to downsize its global importance. Half the country would just as soon pick up accoustic guitars and write poetry about how evil george bush is, and expect in their head that it will lead to harmonious utopia. These ignorant, naive fools are in denial about how competitive and cutthroat the world is. They just wanna sip hard lemonade and pretend to be elitists and wear stupid looking shoes, pretending they're better than the people who actually do the dirty work keeping them economically viable and safe. These pansies should be rounded up and shot. They aint men, they're hermaphodite losers, like the bloke Deucewallaces with the blond locks of hair coverin his giant forehead and bright red cheeks. Could this bloke stand up to anyone? Hell no, mate! He's a whiny, insecure pushover. He's a bitch, mate. The USA is increasingly filling up with bitches who take their position for granted. They need a reminder from Colonol Jessup about sleeping under the blanket the USA provides and then questioning the manner in which it provides it. **** them cowards and fa ggots and losers.
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