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Default Re: Rock Hall of Fame 2013 Nominees: Who makes the cut?

Originally Posted by TheMan
You could make a case for the Red Hot Chili Peppers still being in their prime, I'm a huge Peppers fan abd my top 4 fave albums are By The Way, BSSM, Stadium Arcadium and Californication in that's not like their last great album was more than decade ago.

I vote for Rush, Deep Purple, NWA and Heart to make it.

RHCP are still relevent but I wouldn't call their past 5 years their prime. 1992 or 1999 are. Anytime they replace Frusciante they suffer creatively. Although I can understand why they move on without him.

Rush, Public Enemy, Deep Purple are locks imo. Would like to see Kraftwerk get in but I understand they are not as mainstream as the other acts.
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