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Default Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 4

Originally Posted by dkmwise
As much as I love this show it really seems to be getting away from a show about an OMC and just a generic drama about Jax Teller.

I could do without the crazy over the top story lines every season and just get back to the basics of an OMC. The basic day to day stuff is what I liked so much about the first season. This season we barely saw the club do stuff as a whole and a lot of the main cast like Tig, Bobby, Chips, just seemd to be background characters.

This same thing happenes to a lot of shows after the first few seasons. Most notably for me was Rescue Me. Since I was on a fire department when this show came out I loved it. But then after the first couple seasons it was no longer a firefighter show, it was just the Tommy Gavin Drama series.
The club is falling apart, that is the point dude. I do agree on the JAx/generic drama.

Anyways, who would you guys rather bang?

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