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Default Re: Last Resort Discussion Thread: Plot discussion spoilers, etc

Originally Posted by highwhey
I didnt expect the spetnaz ether but it fits in with the story(they have a highly desirable tech on the sub, of course good ol commies will try at it). Im also thinking the chick responsible.for putting in that tech will help out the captain in major ways.

But yeah, for having nuked an entire country to pieces, the world seems rather peaceful. I think the unraveling of mysteries will keep it going for a while if they dont kick the show to curb which i would be very mad about. Sort of like lost, did u watch that show? They alernated between past events and present events to unfold the story.

Also when the Spetsnaz first got there and you though they were SEALS, I thought, is an American TV network really going to show them killing SEALS on TV? That would not have gone over well. Then when they revealed the were Spetsnaz, I was like, OK, now they can slaughter them and people will be cheering. Notice how the villains so far are faceless.

The defense contractor chick character is hilarious. She's just the Queen of Exposition. It's like what Game of Thrones does, we need throw a lot of information at the audience, but it will bore the hell out of them, so we'll do it while the characters have sex.

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