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Default Re: Rock Hall of Fame 2013 Nominees: Who makes the cut?

Californication, By The Way, and Stadium Arcadium are the Peppers' 3 best albums...tho I find it hard to consider anything without Frusciante together with stuff he is on.

Originally Posted by andgar923
Sorry but NWA are more important than PE.

Their legacy is still felt right now, their legacy has changed the world much more than PE's for better or worse. And not just the world of hip hop or even music, but society in general.

I remember an L.A. Times article on the greatest album of all time. It wasn't Sgt Pepper's, it wasn't a Dylan album, it was NWA's Straight Outta Compton. In it the writer went on to describe why it was so important and how it will continue to impact the future of not just music, but society. And it was spot on.

No way. I don't see how this is a discussion. It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back is considered the greatest rap album ever made. Fear Of A Black Planet and Countdown To Armageddon are as good. NWA have Straight Outta Compton. Public Enemy didn't come thru as a moment in time. They're one of the great groups period.
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