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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'MY CAREER MODE' Discussion

made a 3pt shooting small forward.

the dumb asses at 2k must have spent all their time doing stupid cosmetic shit for too long because this mode is still extraordinarily broken.

the grade system is entirely flawed. i just won the showcase, i scored 28 point on over 60% 3 point and 50% shooting. considering i was the leading scorer in the game on ridiculous efficiency i feel as though this should instantly bump my grade up at the end of the game. how have they not thought of something like this? in the end my teammate grade was a C+ because you get no credit for doing things properly throughout an entire game yet tiny mistakes screw you over.

oh, i was also player of the game. that could improve my grade alongside the fact i led scoring and my eff. was beyond amazing. every time you go on a hot streak or score, lets say, 3 straight 3's, your grade should massively boost up. every time you transition on defense and contest a shot, your grade should show up. detection for shot contention has been broken since the inception of my player and it seems as though this is unfixable.

every possession the person you're guarding doesn't score, you should get a small point increase. if you're constantly active on offense for a possession, even if you don't get a pass, you should get a point increase.

i have to go but i'd like to ramble more later.
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