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Default Re: Kobe Bryant: "Nobody has won more championships than me in my entire generation."

Originally Posted by red1
Why are you still denying that kobe is your favorite player in the leauge? I am not attacking you for your fanhood, I honestly have nothing against kobe, homie is a baller and I will personally catch all of this years lakers games. The problem comes when you act like you are an objective poster but end up posting all of this retarded shit that noone wants to read, jokes that are not funny, commentary that is not insightful .

Everything that you post is just spiteful and childish, all you do is try to annoy people. And I am calling you out for it because you are the opposite of a good poster and I would in fact be happier if you would just GTFO and stop posting. If you are going to continue to troll then at least be funny.

Why do I need to admit something that is not true? I do speak for Kobe, that's true, but that's more because the lebron fans/kobe haters are annoying.

As for you finding me annoying, how about it's because I speak the truth and criticize your favorite player, Lebron, and you don't like it? Simple as that? If I was another blind lebron fan like pauk and rrr3, i'm sure you'll like me.
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