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Default Re: #57 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

I think it's a bit early for Durant, and I disagree with the if he did nothing in 3 years, he will be ranked higher.

-If Durant gets injured every season now and plays like a role player only every season out.. would he still be ranked this high? No, he'd dropped out very slowly. Therefore ranking him this high now is premature.

-same reason that if this poll took place 10 years ago, T-mac would have been voted in top 50, but now he's not.

-the years do make a difference. if dwight "didn't do anything", as in he kept up his standards, then that is definitely a plus for him- consistency and longevity. If he didn't keep up, then he SHOULD drop.

-there's a reason why we don't put current active players up so early, because we haven't seen everything yet. Their careers might spiral down at any moment. Just because they are top 30 now, does that mean they will always be there? No, if they start playing badly, they will DROP. And if they CAN drop, then it's too early to put them up that high.
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