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Default Re: Kobe Bryant: "Nobody has won more championships than me in my entire generation."

Originally Posted by KG215
That's a huge steaming pile of bullshit. You defend Kobe and, most of the time, in the same delusional manner as the most ignorant Kobe stans on ISH.

You're also a major LeBron detractor. Just in the last few days I've seen you post in multiple threads about LeBron's legacy being ruined and permanently damaged because he left Cleveland to team up with Wade and Bosh.
I defend Kobe because the ones attacking him are these Lebron fans.
I criticize Lebron, yes, that's no secret to anyone on these boards, and I won't deny that.

Originally Posted by red1
Yea we have differing views but its not that, kennethgriffin is a clown just like you, even more over the top but he posts some funny shit. I don't like your posts mang thats all, you are like phong just a spiteful hateful ass immature n*gga. Would you just gtfo please?

You know why you like kenneth and not me? Because the stuff he posts is so outrageous that it's actually kind of funny. Why do you dislike my posts? Because they actually have an element of truth to them, the ugly truth about your favorite player, and that stings you. Well, what can i do?
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