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Default Re: #57 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

Originally Posted by L.Kizzle
If dwight retired tonite, he wouldn't be higher in 3 years.
Actually, he would probably would. People forever reason like to overrate the past players and when we look back in retrospect.

Originally Posted by DatAsh
3 more years is 3 more years. It's not stupid at all. Even if Howard does nothing but decline from here on out, he's still improving his standing overall by continuing to improve his team's chances of winning - assuming that he doesn't become a net negative.

If we truly want to rank the "best" players of all time, we should be ranking them by who gives their team - on average - the best chance of winning over a given time frame. In that sense, eleven years of Dwight Howard will almost always be better than eight years of Dwight Howard over an eleven year period- even if those last three years aren't up to par.
I understand this logic but someone like Dwight, Durant, CP3, etc. they do give you a better chance to win a certain amount of titles than some of the players listed.
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