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Default Re: A professional boxer just came out of the closet..

Originally Posted by RaininTwos
A joke plus peculiar comment doesn't necessarily mean insecurity. He could be just one of those odd people that like to avoid potentially awkward situations.

why would you feel awkward if you aren't insecure?

Originally Posted by sunsfan1357
On the first point, that's just juvenile humor that plenty of guys take part of.

On the second point, that's also a way a lot of guys think as well so does that make them all gay or self loathing? You're claim that just saying no and they go away just isn't true. I've seen plenty of straight guys get continually hit on by someone gay after saying no multiple times. Its just like some guys when trying to hit on girls, one no isn't enough sometimes.

his first thoughts about two gay guys talking were about them having sex. Just sayin.

as for the second part, yea, I think there are a lot of dudes who are scared shitless they may enjoy the attention and are worried what it says about their sexuality.

as for pushy MFers, you forcefully tell them to f-ck off and get up and leave.
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