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Default Re: Barkley: ""I do think he can be better than Michael," Barkley said."

Originally Posted by StateOfMind12
Lebron is the only one that has any shot to surpass MJ, so if you want another GOAT, you better hope Lebron can do it cause I doubt anyone else will come close any time soon.

Jordan swept all of his Finals appearances against direct peers. No old players in their twilight years, no young bucks who didn't know how to handle the big stage. Jordan didn't choke, he "stepped up" or at the very least, still made his presence known through all of his title runs.

Lebron went invisible in 2 Finals already during his career. Those things tend to affect a player's overall ranking in a GOAT discussion. He'll be "One of Greats", but GOAT is already too late for Lebron.
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