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Default Re: Who has the best defense in the NFC West?

No shit, I was just busting on you about it when I seen the big discrepancy between STL yards and points allowed and the same with ARI when I was skimming Yahoo' stats.

I never count special teams returns or offensive turnovers leading to touchdowns against a defense when evaluating them.

STL is giving up under 15 real points a game on defense. So your suspicion of them being a really legit defense (at least so far) is backed up by the amount of real points they have given up.

Dallas is at 22 per game, but realistically the defense is giving up 17 a game because things like blocked punts and pick 6's for touchdowns have happened. Take those off and they're 6th overall which is indicative of how they have played as a defense.

Using this method along with how many turnovers they are forcing and bingo, you have a great combination of stats to find out who is playing the best defense.
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