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Default Monty Williams likes diving into practice

Throughout his coaching career, Williams, who turns 41 on Monday, has been willing to lace up his sneakers each day and break a sweat going up against his players.

"I mean, while I can, I can still move around a little bit," Williams said, "but it's not about anything else besides getting the players better. I'm not trying to get in the way. It's the last thing I want to do. But I feel like if I can get out there and feel a guy, or see what they're doing from their point of view, it may help them as opposed to me sitting on the sidelines and pointing things out.

"Obviously you can do that. The best coaches in the league probably do that. But while I'm able to do that, I like to get out there and help the guys as best I can."

-- New Orleans Times Picayune
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