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Default Re: Anybody Ever Done Warehouse Work?

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Just got a job at Amazon Warehouse. The warehouse is literally like 3 million square feet and has 5k employees (like 1.5k+ per shift). I'm wondering if anybody has any tips besides wearing a back brace. The recruit said I'll be doing the equivalent of 15-20 miles of power walking a day. He told the thinner people that they need to eat way more calories than before due to this. I'm happy I'll be able to lose a lot of weight probably and the hours+pay are very solid.

So any experienced warehouse peeps got anything for me?

I worked in a warehouse, but nothing near that size. But my suggestion is get very, very good shoes. Like the upper echelon New Balances.

I assume you'll be walking on a concrete floor. Did you ever hear that story about John Wooden? The first practice for newcomers at UCLA was all about how to put on your socks. He believed you needed to take care of your feet well to play basketball.

You probably also want to look into yoga or some other flexibility routine.
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