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Default Re: Barkley: ""I do think he can be better than Michael," Barkley said."

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf24
- he played Great in Games 4 and 5 ( the deciding game 5 he was the difference)..Game 4 he played 30 minutes and had 15 points 5rebs and 2 Blk's...

no impact ?...especially for a rook?..RUserial?

- he started all of the games vs the Pistons.


By the end of the season Pippen was good enough to start in the playoff's...and come up huge for the Bull's in the Game 5 vs the help get them past the first round...

for the first time in what 18 seasons

Dude, I was just talking about starting. Yes his Game 4 was good, but it wasn't Game 5. The Bulls made the adjustment. Look at the earlier games, like Game 1. No impact.

Who said Pippen didn't help them get past the first round ? I'm just saying Oakley played a bigger role.

Originally Posted by jlip
OK...Lebron performed inexcusably horribly in the '11 Finals. We get that. But seriously are we going to hold his legacy responsible for losing in the '07 Finals in which he was literally the leader at the age of 22 of a team that few people outside of Cleveland even expected to get that far? Would his legacy be better if he had dominated the '07 ECF but lost there in order to maintain a good Finals win %?

LeBron didn't perform well at all for his standards that year in the Finals either. Legacy is hurt either way, can't down play it either way. He didn't play well outside of one Game in the ECF. IMO, LeBron's 2007 run is overrated.
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