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Default Re: Any vegetarians at InsideHoops?

Originally Posted by Styles p
my brother is but he still eats fish, crabs and shrimp once or twice a week. he see it as he won't eat anything he couldn't kill himself. he would feel terrible if he killed a mammal but would kill a fish. i **** with him about it all the time. but i myself don't eat meat every day. everyone says we're designed to eat meat and that may be true but we weren't meant to eat it at every meal. humans are hunters and gathers hence some days they couldn't get a kill so they gathered fruits and vegetables to fill their stomachs.

we're not designed to eat meat. We're designed to supplement our diets with meat, as is any omnivore. My wife used to have a heavy meat diet, but since we've been together has changed quite a bit, but she will never give up her fish. She loves seafood.
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