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Default Re: #57 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

Originally Posted by WillC
If you're unable to appreciate Maravich's ability, then you know nothing about the game of basketball

I bet you just think he was a show-boater, right? Admit it, you've never even seen more than a few highlight clips? You and I both know I'm right.

Educate yourself and take the time to watch him light up the Pistons (featuring Bob Lanier):

Then go and read up on your basketball history.

Maravich was a flat out offensive maestro.

No doubt Pete was a stud, at least offensively.

Ignorant comments about Maravich not being this high either is silly, though I would rather Dennis Johnson and/or Hal Greer win this (not a vote). Apologies about my earlier post by the way, if you missed it.
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