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Default Re: Rockets/Jazz Trade Idea

Jazz would probably need to sign 1-2 more bigs however as they've done a lot of work to fill in the 2-3 spot and run 4 deep at each position, but only have the 4 guys to play PF-C positions. Until the Raja Ball situation is figured out they won't be able to do that.

They've got 3 vets in camp fighting for a spot now. Also Evans, Marvin and maybe Carroll could play up front as well.

Only problem is it means less time for Burks and Hayward, although Hayward could split minutes between 2 and 3 with Marvin Williams.

Which is why it no longer makes much sense for the Jazz since they picked up Marvin and Foye.

Hayward is more of a 3.

Some think he's best at the 2 but it's pretty much the same position offensively in Utah anyway. It would effect who he guards at the other end.

Williams can be his backup. It might mean less time for Burks. But Burks is still very young and can be the scorer off the bench. To be honest, that's would also be best with Williams but whatever.

It depends on if Foye is the back-up 1 as some think he will be. If that's the case Hayward needs to come off the bench to run the offense.

I'd even throw in Marcus Morris and a 2nd rounder if Utah would throw in Alec Burks.

Going to take a lot more than that to get Burks. He's got a chance to be a star.

Houston could always send one of those PF's to Utah.

Jazz don't need another young pf. They would need a veteran center. Can involve other teams possibly.

You guys should have sent Kyle Lowry to get back Alec Burks. Utah was looking for a PG. They even settled for Mo Williams.

They didn't settle. O'Conner loves him and he's an expiring contract that they gave up a TPE for not a potential future star.

Hell, I'd do Martin, Motiejunas, and another player (like Brockman, Forbes, etc.) for Jefferson, Burks and a 2nd rounder.

Motiejunas might make a deal out of it.

His per36 stats were nearly equal across the board with Dwayne Wade in his rookie year, so if he can get his shot right he could be a very dangerous player.

A year younger than Wade too. Wade started and handled the ball and played a much bigger role as a rookie though. But he does get to the line like the best in the game.

Rockets don't just need a leading scorer type (al Jefferson) they need an actual #1 option type that Lin, asik, and all the young players can play off of (Amare)

McHale just said he wants a guy that he can play through in the post which unless Hakeem is a miracle worker isn't Amare.
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