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Default Re: Any vegetarians at InsideHoops?

Originally Posted by millwad
And to be honest I'm actually a vegetarian junk food junkie, but before when I ate meat I was way worse. I ate so much junk food, pizza, hamburgers, french fries and other crap on daily basis. Sure, back then I was also a big fan of vegetables and fruit..

As for now I live a much healthier life style but junk food is something I'm a big fan of.
repped for your honesty. your progress is still impressive if you have increased energy, and you have time to keep improving.

being a paleo-style vegetarian is hard work and takes a lot of discipline. you have to food shop constantly and cooking options are limited. fried foods are completely out of the question, as are processed foods and carbs, like bread, crackers, cereal, pastries, etc.

that's murder to give up for the average person, and i'm totally average that way. the times that i break my carb restrictions, i treat myself to some air-popped popcorn or steel-cut oats. woohoo!

the occasional times i have meat it's strictly low-sat fat variety (like egg whites, salmon, turkey or roast beef) and the portions are very small... just enough to add some quality animal protein to the body. for most people that would only whet their appetites for large hamburgers, sausage, steak, pepperoni, etc.

a lot of people in this thread are looking at meat and veggies from a strictly nutrient-perspective, but that's really only half the story. they're missing the big picture, probably because they're not old enough to start seeing what happens on a personal level.

like someone said above, human beings historically evolved eating mostly plants, with some degree of meat supplementation. for that reason we formed a close relationship with edible plants, meaning that they were more than just nutrition to us... they were also medicine. plants are loaded with phytochemicals and anti-oxidants that help prevent a huge range of diseases, the most common of which are diabetes and cardiovascular disease. some forms of meat also have some degree of medicinal benefit, like fatty fish and lean, grass fed beef, but in general meat is more on the poison side to us than it is the medicinal side. at least, that's my current understanding after years of research and reading.

food is either medicine or poison. that's what i've learned. there is very little gray area in between, although many poisons are weak and take a long time to take effect, like constantly spiking our blood sugar the way that the average diet in civilisation does.
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