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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by jaydacris
bigfoot silva takes out browne (looks like browne hurt his knee)
godammit... i got caught up in some errands and totally lost track of the fights.

haven't read the details, but making lemon out of lemonade, what happened with browne-bigfoot is possibly the best possible outcome if you're a fan of both fighters. that is, bigfoot gets to stay in the UFC and browne gets a big asterisk next to this rare loss.

both of these guys are fascinating fighters who i hope will stay around for a long time. but instead of fighting each other, i'd rather see them tested against the middle of the top ten, like carwin, mir and big nog. probably throw in nelson as well, since he has the ability to absorb ungodly punishment and keep maintaining his paunch.

werdum, overeem, silva, struve

i think we should see two heavyweight matches from that four, just dont know who vs who
logically, i agree. as a fan, i'd rather see them take on the above fighters i mentioned.

i like struve a lot, but if stipe had pressed the attack in the first round, struve had nothing for him. stephon was trying to cover everything up with his long skinny arms and there were holes everywhere. once you get in struve's grill and he's covered up like that, he's toast if you're a striker with a little more experience than stipe. cormier, at a whole foot shorter, would annihilate him. ditto cain, overeem, carwin and probably most of the rest of the top ten.

werdum IMO is right behind overeem at deserving a title shot. he has nothing more to prove against 5-10 fighters, other than staying busy... which is always a good thing, of course.
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