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Default Re: Mitt Romney caught pulling out a cheat sheet before debates

as a person still leaning towards obama and wishing like mad that bill clinton was still a candidate, may i quote the big lebowski and say "who gives a f--k about the f--king marmot, man!?"

cheat sheets are expected at these things. obama himself is a master of the teleprompter, which in many ways is even better than a cheat sheet.

no one person can possibly memorise everything relevant at a no-holds debate. unless of course you're bill clinton. but a cheat sheet doesn't help you speak, doesn't help you link statistics to a relevant analogy, doesn't help at the things that people are looking at when it comes to debates.

obama got his ass kicked and clearly was not ready. now just deal with it. some portion of that was due to obama, but in reality, most of the blame goes to his support team. and i'm sure there was much drama going on and a series of breakdowns behind the scenes that caused obama to badly shit the bed the way he did.

having said that, i remain confident obama's team can straighten this out. i know he usually hates getting advice from clinton, but NOW IS THE TIME TO GET ADVICE FROM BILL CLINTON.

if obama resorts to acting like a community organiser again in the second debate, this campaign is in major trouble. i still believe romney is a fraud, and i'll still go down voting for the dems in this election, but romney's debate team is kicking the obama team's ass, and that's the kind of thing that swings elections.

bring on the cheat sheets! if anything, we need more of them, and for obama to rapidly master their use.
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