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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'GENERAL' Discussion

Originally Posted by bmulls
I picked this up from Redbox and played a couple single player games and then tried to go online where I get fcking destroyed. I couldn't stop the guy no matter what and the only play I could score with was Dirk in the post.

Can anybody explain to a first time player what exactly I'm trying to do on defense? When can I steal and not get a reach in? How do I block shots? How do I body somebody up?

I'm playing on Xbox, any and all tips for a NBA2k scrub are welcome.

The defense is more difficult to play on this years game than last years. You cant body someone up like you could in 2k. Just because you press the steal button doesnt mean you will get the steal. It depends on the player you're attempting to steal the ball from. Thats where ratings come into play. Block shots arent easy either on this game. Overall defense is tough and feels like its harder to keep a guy in front of you than otherwise.

There is a Training Camp mode. I highly reccommend you play this until you get 100% on every skill and drill. Dont do it once until you get the "success" meter. Repeat it a good 4-5 times maybe more to get your mind in tune. For me I often revert to the 2k12 controls and fail at pulling off a move or score.

Also adjust defensive settings in a game. Lots of time the defensive settings are on "auto" so that means you allow the cpu to control how your players defend. Me? I like to play tight on guys (on ball) and off the ball either play tight or deny pass (usually with shooters). Remove "auto" from the double teams. Go down entire roster and turn it to "none" because if you need a double you can manually call it yourself. The cpu will double a guy and leave someone wide open for a score.

But get into Training mode and practice moves from post, dribble, shooting and defense.
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