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Default Re: Will Nash be the first player to reach 20k points/10k assist in history?

However.... a guy by the name of Lebron is on a very good pace to fix that though when its all said and done (including be the first non-PG in NBA history to be on the top 10 assist leaders list)...

Lebron is not on pace only to be the first to 20k points/10k assists, but also 30k++ points/10k assists.... which will be an even more impressive & unbreakable record... the 30k is more than a guarantee, hell he will get much more than even that when his career is over unless something happens to him... so i will leave the points out of this assessment..

Lebron has right now 4751 assists and he is 27 year old while averaging 7 apg.... Lets bring it back to 6 assists a game and give him 76-82 games per season and let him play until he is close to Steve Nash age, that will give him another 5000-5500 assists, he will have at least 10000 assists....

I seriously doubt Lebron will average any less than 6 apg... hell, when his scoring & scoring priorities starts to decrease with age he will only look to pass even more....

...and to become the first non-PG in NBA history to get in on the top 10 assist leaders list he will need only 2700 more assists..... so you could say thats a guarantee he WILL....

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