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Default Re: Royce White: Releases Statement - Wants Private Bus At Times

Originally Posted by RoseCity07
Yes, a disorder caused by brain chemicals which means it is physical. It's a physical issue just like blindness or deafness. He can't control it. The difference though is that there is a lot of help to turn to for anxiety.
I challenge you to actually do some legit research on the subject. The "chemical imbalance" theory has been around for years but there's been numerous tests and none have confirmed or supported that fact. I say this as someone who was told that same theory by a psychiatrist and given some vitamins and seratonin pills to balance it out and they had no affect whatsoever. Numerous studies have compared the results of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy vs. pills and CBT without pills has proven to be the method that cures most sufferers. And has been the one that has brought me at least to the brink of a cure now compared to where I was. It is controllable, and not just controllable, curable, and it's ignorance on the subject to think otherwise. And it's not physical whatsoever. People with anxiety issues by themself have no physical symptoms. It's your mind that makes you feel like you do.

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