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Default Re: Royce White: Releases Statement - Wants Private Bus At Times

Originally Posted by ZeN
I see what what your saying.

I personally feel that regardless of what you do, there is no cure.

No matter what medicinal products you take or therapy you experience.. If you have these issues, you are always a few catalyst situations away from rebounding to the foul state.

Which is why no matter what you do, it is important to adjust the lifestyle to things that will maintain a certain sense of equilibrium. Work on habits that will allow you to be stable, avoid things that set off the condition, and face problems with an open mind and willingness to change.

Unfortunately most issues like the one in the OP can only be solved by Shock. He will have to suffer in forcing himself to face reality, evaluate the situation, and come to terms with what needs to be done for his life to change.
Right. I respectfully disagree. But... It would probably help for me to explain what I think "cured" means. When I say I think it can be cured, I don't see a cure as going back to exactly how you were pre anxiety disorder. I see a cure as now having the knowledge and understanding as to what they really are which increases your ability to cope when the symptoms do arise. Making them come far less frequently and with a much ity to the point where it's not even something you spend a lot of time overthinkink and worrying about compiling the problem and adding fear.
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