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Default Re: Minimum Skill Enumeration ('MinSkE')?

Originally Posted by DatAsh
With all the agendas running rampant on this site I would imagine that the MinSkE for the more polarizing players will wind up uncharacteristically small or even empty.

Is the ultimate goal to simply assign players a list of non-quantifiable abilities, or to actually go about trying to measure those abilities in a quantifiable manner?

The former...I have no interest in comparing players against one another, just in describing players themselves as well as possible. Once we have enough data (if this gets off the ground) it would be interesting to look at individuals with similar MinSkEs and think about whether they actually played similarly (but this would be down the line a bit).

EDIT: Agendas could be an issue, but I think we'll be able to parse out the gold from rubbish since the lists should be well-organized.
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