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Default Re: Isiah Thomas/Bill Russell or Walt Frazier/Kareem

I would take Frazier-Cap. If anything due to Kareem over Bill. Russ is an icon no doubt, but Kareem at his peak is arguably the GOAT. Even over Wilt or MJ.

In terms of Clyde vs. Zeke, u have two PG's who have different styles. Clyde was more versatile because he was 6'4 and could defend PG, SG, and many SF's in his era. But Isiah was a better passer and just as good or even a better scorer. In terms of PG's, Isiah could dominate a game offensively better than any PG other than Magic or Big O. And Magic and Big O happen to be big ass PG's who used size as a major part of their domination. Isiah used pure skill, speed, and heart to dominate and didn't have the advantage of size. Not knocking Big O or Magic because they were highly skilled too. But Isiah pound for pound was as great a player who has ever laced them up in my opinion. At 6'1, Isiah could dominate scoring like AI but drop dimes like Stockton all in one. Something that AI or Stockton at that size couldn't really master. Tiny and Paul at that size come the closest to Isiah's level in that sense at that size.

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