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Default Re: Unemployment Drops Below 8%, Conservatives Cry Conspiracy

Originally Posted by TheMan
That dialogue sounds like it could've easily been on Fox and Friends.

The hell are they doing over at MSNBC, I thought they were trying to get Obama re-elected

Liberals don't watch morning shows. They don't get up until 11am anyway.

One thing I find really interesting about MSNBC is how young a lot of its hosts are. Maddow, Alex Wagner, Chris Hayes, that daytime show with a bunch of young folks.

Also I just found out another indicator there's something going on with the economy.
Credit card customers are more responsible than they've been in over a decade.
Delinquencies on credit cards issued by banks dropped to the lowest level since 2001 during the second quarter, according to a report from the American Bankers Association released Thursday.

Only 2.93% of all bank card accounts were considered delinquent, meaning they were 30 days or more overdue. That's down from 3.08% in the first quarter and significantly lower than the 15-year average of 3.91%

The poster who posted that also said "This suggests that people have made real progress in getting that aspect of their finances in order.

Paying down debt rather than borrowing-and-spending is "bad" for growth -- except that it makes growth sustainable. Much healthier."
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