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Default Re: Barkley: ""I do think he can be better than Michael," Barkley said."

The thing that makes Bron scary is the fact that's he is 6'8 and 260 pounds. Bron can play and defend PG-PF and even some nights C. And Bron is a great defender with his size. Magic was never a great defender and his versatility was more due to the offensive end and the ability to grab boards. Bron in every way is EPIC in terms of versatility AND a freak athlete on top of it.

Bron in terms of great scorers is along with Big O the most willing passer of the bunch. MJ was a great passer in his own regard. But Bron has a sixth sense with his passing ability. Bron isn't the killer MJ is scoring, but Bron is still third in career scoring average in NBA history! Which means Bron is still CLEARLY an alpha dog. If Bron was the level of alpha dog that MJ was, then he would be CLEARLY better than MJ right now peak value wise. But the MAIN LIST is GOAT. That list supercedes peak value all day every day. And to top MJ GOAT wise is a huge undertaking. It's like trying to top Ali in boxing or Ruth in baseball.

Even pro wrestling wise as great as Austin and Rock were, Hogan is still regarded by most as GOAT. Peak value is one thing, but GOAT dictates your legacy. I'm inclined to argue big guys like Wilt or Kareem over MJ GOAT wise instead of perimeter guys. But Bron still has a shot if he gets his resume up to par. Bron will most likely put up INSANE career numbers of like 30,000+ points and 10,000+ assists. Something that NOBODY has come close to doing.

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