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Default Re: Barkley: ""I do think he can be better than Michael," Barkley said."

Originally Posted by Asukal
What part of Lebron's game is better than Jordan's to merit this statement?

When it comes to offense and defense, Jordan was better. Not by a staggering margin but still a clear gap.

Not really, not anymore. Every facet of their game is comparable now. Lebron is probably even more gifted, now, defensively in that he can guard more/bigger players. He can play almost any role, offensively and defensively, in one package, better than any player in NBA history; and do it to such a standard as to be comparable to the guys who do it as specialists. The guy is a freak. It's one thing to still consider Jordan superior; it's another thing to dismiss the comparison out of hand. The former is fair enough, the latter is idiocy and hero-worship blocking rationality.

Originally Posted by Da_Realist
This. NBATV is trying to sell the current NBA. They can't keep paying guys to say, "No, the best has already come. Sorry you missed out. But stick around for some of these other guys."

Jordan was so good that... if Lebron becomes better (level of play, not accolades) EVERYONE will know it. Even people that won't want to admit it will have to. He's just not there right now. The NBA and it's television partners are selling the current NBA, not the NBA from 20 years ago. Around the Horn, PTI, Sports Reporters, Halftime shows all exist because arguments and teaser quotes are arranged behind the scenes. You can't get people to watch by saying the best has already happened, stay tuned anyway. How many people are going to watch because they want to hear Barkley explain himself? How many would tune in to hear him say the status quo "Jordan's the best. These guys aren't on that level, but they're good so watch them anyway."?

The same thing happened when Jordan was playing and Bird/Magic left. And I am sure Bird/Magic favoured from when Wilt, etc, left and so on. It's nothing new.

It's not that everyone will know when Lebron is better unanimously as if it's some universal truth that we'll all see at the same's that Jordan's legacy has become such a myth that the only thing that will shake that is someone being so much better than Jordan that it'll be undeniable.
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