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Default Re: 2012-2013 English Premier League Thread (La Liga, Serie A, etc.)

Originally Posted by Nick Young
poor bosnia if only they had ibra and others, it would have been cool to see such a little team possibly go really far in tournaments.

Balkans are the most underrated football region, Holland gets loads of hype, Balkans produces just as much talent, many countries have 2-5 million people in them.

Bosnia with 3.8 million peeps could have really had a team.

Ibra going to sweden probably feels as bad to bosnians as Subotic and Rossi betraying USA did to me

those stupid f*cks, we would be a world class side with those two.

Except in our case, we had a really corrupt government and FA that lost Ibrahimovic. He originally wanted to play for us but the FA wanted money for him and they were going to place him on the B team. Hopefully Bosnia is going to qualify for the world cup though. We have a lot of young talent coming out and some great players right now. Pjanic, Seferovic, Kolasinac (captain of the German youth team already stated that he wants to play for Bosnia). But a Dzeko - Ibrahimovic up front would have been dirty.
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