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Default Re: Isiah Thomas/Bill Russell or Walt Frazier/Kareem

2-on-2, I'd go with size (thus Clyde and Cap) but the legendary fire and competitiveness of both Thomas and Russell wouldn't exactly make it easy.

Originally Posted by WillC
However, assuming I was building a team around one of the duos, I'd go with Bill Russell and Isiah Thomas. I think they'd compliment each other perfectly. Isiah was one of the greatest offensive point guards of all-time. Imagine if he had Bill Russell setting screens and watching his back on defense? Isiah would have offensive freedom like Cousy did to run the fastbreak. Russell is one of the few centers to possess the athleticism to keep up with a fastbreak style of offense.

This. A well-drilled team built around Zeke and Russell would be ****ing beautiful on fast breaks.
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