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Default Re: In this point guard era,will there be PG that first to achieve 20000pts and 10000ast?

Originally Posted by pauk
exactly how I feel.

@kobe143: Kobe was a playmaker not a pg, get your facts straight. He made the plays but he never played as a pg. In the triangle offense you don't even need a pg just people that can pass well like Kobe. Heck if the Lakers had Kobe and lebron with scrubs when pj was there that team would've threepeat because those two are great playmakers and I think could've function together on the triangle offense even though some people disagree. But in last year Lakers offense it wouldn't function because brown offense needs a dominant guy and bigs so players like levron and Kobe wouldn't work together. It would've been lebron and wade all over again but with drama included.
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