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Default Re: Credit Card Debt FREEDOM!

A funnier breakdown:

Option A:
College tuition, room and board for 4 years: $60,000
Drinkings, partying, entertainment for 4 years: $60,000
Average of a hooking up with a new girl every month for 4 years: Priceless

Age 22: $120,000 in debt, and 48 chicks you got to mess around with, and a $50,000 a year job. Debt for a $120,000 25 year loan at 6.5% annual is a monthly payment of $580.00

Option B:
$15 hour X 40 hours a week X 45 weeks X 4 years: $108,000
Community college AA degree: $10,000
Living at home, entertainment, food, etc for 4 years: $40,000
Hooker once a month ($200) for 4 years: $10,000

Age 22: $48,000 saved up, 4 years of experience at your job, a relevant ideally community college degree, and 48 less effort based chicks you've been with. Interesting caveat: If someone took $35,000 and added NOTHING to it, and invested it at 10% returns a year for 28 years (turn 50) they'd have $505,000.

Just funny to look at. I know not taking into account taxes, and a bunch of other factors...but in a simple's true! You really are paying for the experience. I went to I would say the return on my investment was worthwhile. Must suck to pay all that and have a not absolutely phenomenal college experience.

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