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Default Re: Mass Effect 3 update

Originally Posted by Joshumitsu
Watch the Indoctrination Theory video:

You don't have to watch the whole thing to get the gist of it. And while it has been discredited to an extent, the video is well-edited and really adds a different perspective to the game.

If they had gone this route, imo, Mass Effect 3 would've been the Citizen Kane/Casablanca of video games.

Yeah, indoctrination theory is the only one that makes sense within the context of that final scene. I hadn't read about it until after I finished but the dream sequences and nobody noticing the little boy getting onto the shuttle was an indication that Shepard was in the process of indoctrination.

It didn't click in my mind with the final choices tho but luckily I chose destruction lol. I wasn't going to let myself be deluded like the illusive man and sysnthesis would change the very nature of life in the galaxy and that wasn't a choice I would make (didn't consider the husks thing in the vid but that is spot on).

Indoctrination theory does provide a more satisfying ending to the series and it is probably what I'll choose to accept as the ending for me.

edit - Also, Clint Mansell doing the score. I'd prob say I enjoyed this game more overall than ME2. So many great moments leading up to the ending like the bonding moments with Garrus, Thane's prayer, Grunt whooping some rachni ass, Mordin's death, etc.

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