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Default Re: Credit Card Debt FREEDOM!

Originally Posted by AK47DR91
Wow, alcohol consumption was twice as much as your travels. I'm glad I don't smoke and only drinks once in a blue moon.

I bet your $13,200 on your traveling adventures was worth it, though. I'd blow my money on travelling to if I had the budget.

How did you do that Cali to ATL cross-country trip? Did you use your own car? How much was your budget on that trip?

Yeah, ALL of the traveling was well worth it. Great friends on all the trips and had an amazing, will always remember type of adventure.

Cross Country Trip was for moving to my new job in Atlanta:
Yes, used my own car. Started in Santa Barbaba, ended up in Atlanta. Approx 2,800 mile journey.

Gas costs were about $360 (10 tanks X $36 a tank)
Hotel costs were about $300
Food costs (6 days) were about $100
Entertainment (6 days) were about $200

Santa Barbara - Arizona was the first leg. Have a good friend that is a pilot based out of Tempe so stayed with him for a night and partied like crazy.
Arizona - New Mexico. Saw the Carlsbad amazing gorgeous and 10x Batman level caves.
New Mexico - El Paso - Spent a night at a hotel in El Paso and just went out solo. Got insanely drunk, met a ton of girls, had a ton of fun.
El Paso - Austin - Some cousins live in Austin so stayed with them for two nights.
Austin - Louisiana - Nothing much to say. Just stopped for a night.
Louisiana - Atlanta - Got to my new place.
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