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Default Re: Minimum Skill Enumeration ('MinSkE')?

Well, I don't want to throw my bias in here, so here are what might be typical lists for the guys you mentioned (some things more so popular perception than based on reality):

Originally Posted by kNIOKAS
Right, so can you do this on the following players? :

Kevin Martin - efficient scorer, subpar defender, good quickness, off ball prowess
Zach Randolph - low post scorer, exceptional strength, boxing out, soft touch, plays bigger than his size, rises for the playoffs
Dwyane Wade - reckless abandon, efficient scorer, defensive gambler, pump faker, slasher, great first step, ball handler, great athleticism, injury prone, great shot blocker
Kevin Garnett - defensive anchor, big man passer, screen setter, defensive versatility, mid range shooter, man post defender, high IQ

some people are going to have shorter lists for some guys, others might have longer lists for the same players. Some people might add qualifiers (i.e. subpar, great, etc.) while others might avoid those descriptors. A given trait doesn't have to appear on ALL posters' lists, just frequently enough as dictated by the number of posts in which he appears (as the sample size goes up, the required percentage goes down) to be part of his MinSkE profile.
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