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Default Re: Royce White: Releases Statement - Wants Private Bus At Times

Originally Posted by niko
He's going to get to the games late ,not be with his teammates. It's a terrible solution. I don't get why he isn't taking time off to fix this, to learn to fly, to get medication, etc. But this thought that he'll just be separate from the team is no solution at all.
That's the thing that most people don't seem to understand. Anxiety is not like a torn ACL or a broken bone or something of that nature where you take sometime off, get it fixed up and healed up, rehab, and you're good to go. It's really somewhat of a continual longterm process. It's not like "ok go fix your anxiety and come back when you don't have it anymore." The truth of the is any team that picked him would be taking a risk. I think they must've had to take that into consideration before picking him and if not, that would be on them for not realizing the seriousness and the patience required for someone with such a problem.
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