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Default Re: Battle of the Power Fowards: Kevin McHale vs. Pau Gasol

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
yea, and he was soft overseas. He was known for being mentally weak over there too. I saw him collapse in Eurocup. I saw him fold in playoff games and I've watched him fold numerous times in the NBA. Pau is just way more talented than the comp that he faced in Europe so he could get away with being soft. He got tested over hear and came up short. Remember this is the same guy that never weight trained until 2008-2009.

I guess in your narrative Pau never ran from the ball during critical moments in Memphis or early with the Lakers. Guess Shane Battier just made that criticism up in Memphis.

If someone could, can you find the original Pau Gasol to Lakers trade thread. I predicted this re-writing of his career back in 2007.

His problem is not and was not being weak mentally, even more if you consider that He has been constantly used as a scapegoat whenever the Lakers have not worked, as has endured all transfer rumors, being forced to have a smaller role, etc. Despite all that he has continued making good things for the team with a humble and polite profile. In my opinion He is an incredibly strong mentally.

BTW I have read that which you have edited, something like "Spain basketball is known to be weak mentally", it is was ridiculous. At least you've rectified.
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