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Default Re: In this point guard era,will there be PG that first to achieve 20000pts and 10000ast?

Originally Posted by KOBE143
Kobe played both PG and SG for most of his career.. He assisted more than anyone in his team.. Because he was listed as as sg that doesnt mean he didnt played as a pg.. Kobe is the best all around player of all time if not one of the best.. He can play multiple position if he like (pg, sg, sf and sometimes pf coz he can play in the post effectively better than any pf in the league..) Maybe now Kobe will play his true position as sg coz we already gotten a true pg in Nash but before Kobe was our best pg and sg even as forward before gasol..

Know your fact kid..

Kid? I'm at least 10 years older you, but that's neither here nor there. Judging by the way you type, and by your basketball IQ, you have to at least be a teenager, or maybe in your early twenties. If you are any older, then I truly do pity you. Pity you for having a dumbass momma that raised you wrong and lacked the fundamentals to give you any sort of knowledge whatsoever.
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