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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'GENERAL' Discussion

Originally Posted by BankShot
I don't really do "My Player".... could someone fill me in on this whole 'VC' debacle as in what are they, how are they used, and what the fuss is about?
vc is earned from everything (it's virtual currency). even if you play a 1 min quarter quick game you will earn a little bit of vc (provided you're online, as it's hosted on 2k's servers). in my player its what buys your skills up, hosts something like team events or local events, buys accessories, and more. in my team it buys players, booster packs, and i think some other stuff.

the fuss is you earn it at a ridiculously slow rate in comparison to how much you need it. if you play my player at all, its silly. you need to choose between making your character better or giving him an armband, something you've never had to do in previous games. the fuss is also that you can just buy them, so people suspect 2k did this so that people would just get lazy and buy them, giving them $$$$$$$$.
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