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Default Re: Jordan Hill Avoids Jail Time

Originally Posted by Da Kobester
We all like Jordan but the fact of the matter is this a serious offense you just don't be hittin' on a female (allegedly) aight. This time Jordan got off lightly but in the future this dude gotta keep his paws to himself or else he'd be lookin' down hill and in from behind the bars!

This is something that had happened in his rookie season when he was in houston. Since then, (knock on wood), there had been nothing else reported.

I don't care how patient a person is. They didn't get that way overnight. Even the most mellow of people can do something surprising, like punching someone in the face. We're all human beings, and because of this, we have thresholds. We get headaches, some more than others. We get sick, some more than others. Additionally, we eventually lose it....some more than others. The most beautiful thing about humanity is the imperfection. Everyone is different.
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