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Default Re: Lebron has never lost in the First Round of the playoffs

Originally Posted by PJR
The Bryant/Laker fanatics gravitate towards pro-LeBron threads and detract with the quickness, boy I tell ya.

Call it meaningless, arbitrary, whatever you want. Facts are facts. And LeBron's never lost in the first round while playing in the postseason. And that's all there is to it. No, It's not some big deal. It just it what it is. It's worth noting. No need to belittle it. Get a grip, everything will be okay.

Yeah cuz FAKE Heat fans like you(pjr) are the epitome of objectivity and rationality....right? Just gotta love it how he says "facts are facts." But when it comes to Kobe, he and all the other ret**ded FAKE Heat fans seem to CONVENIENTLY forget about that.

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