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Default Re: The NFC North is the best division in football.

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
I'd put both the NFC West & NFC East ahead of NFC North. Detroit looks like a trainwreck and by the latter part of the season Viks won't even be in the playoff hunt.

This discussion is about now though. If it were reversed and the Lions were 3-1 and Vikes were 1-3 like most people would have said during the off season then not many people would be debating over this.

Let's remember, if you wanna say that the NFCW is better you've got to see they've all got wons on each other except SF who has won outside the division and ARI. I won't include the NFC because there one team over .500 is the luckiest team so far this season and just isn't that good to begin with.
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