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Default Re: who has the bigger upside---Pekovic or Kanter?

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Uh who the hell would say Kanter???

Someone paying attention.

Pek has proven he's a borderline all star already right out of the gate and does
pretty much everything well.

Borderline all-star? 26 in his 2nd year isn't exactly right out of the gate. You do know what upside means right?

Kanter has very good potential but hasn't proven shit

Proved he was a rotation player on a west playoff team, a strong defender, hard worker and potentially an elite rebounder.

has a tendency to disappear


I think Pek has more upside because he's shown us a lot more and doesn't seem near tapped out yet.

Kanter just started playing ball a few years ago. He was the youngest guy in the league last year after not being able to play the year before at all nor had a summer league or a regular training camp or practice schedule during the year. You could see his improvement from game to game and based on the reports of their scrimmage he's came a long ways since the end of the season.

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