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Default Re: Predict our record

Originally Posted by Rameek
I predict 42 -40 around .500. Considering all the injuries, inability to play cohesive (built in excuses already with Shump and Brewer out), age on this team this would be about where the talent is.

The ceiling for me is 44 wins but can easily be mid 30's based on history.

I completely forgot Shump and Brewer will miss time to start the season (been playing too much 2k13 with them in the games)

The age doesn't bother me; I think Kidd will give us good spurts, and I still think Camby has enough in him to fit his role adequately. As for 'Sheed and Kurt, I don't think they will be given a long enough leash for their age to effect the team negatively.

If we fall into the 30s in wins, under .500 which is a step backwards, I can only imagine what the STAT and 'Melo haters will be saying.

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