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Default Re: Most guys already know this... but if you ask a girl out and her response is:

Originally Posted by niko
Yeah, black guys never get girls. Girls don't like them at all. Spanish too. We are practically outcasts. Because girls want white guys.
Reading comprehension>you

Riddler asks if the Asian girl asking for HIS number means she is prolly NOT going to call him, I tell him that if he's white, she most prolly will call him since ASIAN girls (notice I make no mention of latinas, whites or any other kind of girls) love white men. I finished by saying that if he isn't white, she probably won't call him because she didn't give him her number.

Of course I know that black guys can get other kinds of chicks, dumbass, I was commenting on his case

The reason I say Asian girls love white dudes is because even though I ain't white, my best friend when I was a single dude was a white guy, he was a decent looking dude, a little above average I guess, certainly no male model type but he used to get some fine ass Asian honeys. He would purposelly go after Asian trim because he knew they wanted white guys. I'm Hispanic and most girs who weren't Asian thought I was the better looking dude of the two of us but that blonde/blue eye combo really got those Asian chick's panties wet. His last GF looked like Japanese AV star Risa Kasumi. No joke. Google her, she's hot.

He ended up marrying a white girl that although she isn't bad looking, she was nowhere on the league with some of that yellow tail he was banging. Anyways, fvck him

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