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Default Re: Who's better?: Nets vs Clipper?

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
I understand losing 2nd best player but don't forget the Clippers had to integrate TEN new players last season with no training camp. 3 were acquired two weeks or less before season started and a few more were added during the season (3 were added in free agency, 2 drafted).

Clippers had their 3rd best player out all but 19 games last season as well in a MUCH tougher conference. With Billups the Clippers were the 2nd seed in the WEST and number 1 offense in the league. Without him they finished 5th. Billups>Lopez in terms of on the court impact that this stage IMO. Lopez is a great scorer but his rebounding, defense and impact are subpar.

Didn't stop me from thinking they would be a lot better than they were last season. Griffin got in a minor sophomore slump and DeAndre's potential is starting to look like an illusion. Just like how people say Nets are unproven, Clippers aren't title contenders until I see significant improvement. Let's wait a year to see how these 2 teams really pan out.
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