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Default Re: Who's better?: Nets vs Clipper?

Originally Posted by alwaysunny
Didn't stop me from thinking they would be a lot better than they were last season. Griffin got in a minor sophomore slump and DeAndre's potential is starting to look like an illusion. Just like how people say Nets are unproven, Clippers aren't title contenders until I see significant improvement. Let's wait a year to see how these 2 teams really pan out.

Considering the coach, 10 new players and so many injuries.... the Clippers beating a very good Memphis team and getting to the 2nd round is right in line with expectations for most people if not slightly better. You don't have to say the Clippers are a title contender.. you just have to see that they are better than the Nets if you're being logical. Nets literally didn't make the playoffs last year and now they can be better right away than a team that made the 2nd round last year banged up as hell?

I'm all for waiting things out with Spurs, Lakers, Thunder, Nuggets, Grizzlies but not teams that didn't make the playoffs last year and that we haven't seen play together yet. Not logical to throw borderline contender or contender in with a team that didn't make playoffs last year.
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